The Crisis Management Solution for our Schools.

Our mission is to help keep students safe at school through the seamless integration of Attendance, Behavior Management, and Crisis Management. Learn the ABCs of ShieldCampus.

  • Attendance: Know where your students are at all times and be able to account for them and your staff during a crisis situation.

  • Behavior Management: Connect behavior patterns and trends of students to better analyze and intervene. ShieldCampus houses each school/district’s specific code of conduct to better manage students’ behavior.

  • Crisis Management: Quickly identify and respond to a crisis, account for all students and staff, ensure open communication throughout the crisis, direct emergency responders, manage parent notifications, coordinate student-parent reunification, and reduce overall negative impact.




What is the VALUE of accounting for every single student and staff member during a crisis? Are they where they need to be and are they safe?


In a world of uncertainty...

...and continually increasing violence in and around our schools, it's no longer a question of "IF", but rather "WHEN" an incident will occur.

Is your school prepared?

If not, you need to take action now, as tomorrow may literally be too late.


Our Platform

A Whole Solution

School communities need a software solution that adapts to processes they already have in place and the ongoing safety needs of their school. One that not only helps them manage their students, but accounts for them and keeps them safe. That's why schools rely on ShieldCampus. ShieldCampus is a customizable school management platform that manages student attendance, behavior, and prepares school staff and students to identify, confront, and resolve crisis situations.



Crisis Management

A crisis can happen anywhere, anytime. By using the integrated student attendance platform, ShieldCampus will know which students are on campus and should be accounted for during a school wide crisis situation. ShieldCampus turns a paper crisis management plan into a mobile step by step action plan for staff to follow. The platform allows for real time communication with first responders to quickly identify problems and parents to disseminate pertinent information regarding their children. Be prepared to manage the unexpected.





Does your school struggle with taking student attendance consistently? Would you be able to accurately account for every student during the school day? ShieldCampus attendance assists schools to manage, monitor, and communicate attendance for their students quickly and easily.

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Behavior Management

The early identification and treatment of students with mental health disorders is of particular importance in reducing large-scale violent attacks at schools. ShieldCampus helps teachers manage behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. ShieldCampus captures behavior data from a number of sources and houses them into one central database. ShieldCampus identifies behavior patterns and trends that teachers can share with parents and school administrators. Early detection of at risk children is vital in crisis prevention.


Why Your School Needs ShieldCampus

  • Transforms a phone or tablet into a portable attendance taking and behavior tracking device

  • Proactive approach to identifying at risk students by tracking and reporting student behavior over time

  • Ability to easily account for students in the classroom or at off site school events

  • Secures a campus by streamlining the crisis management process including implementation, practice and execution of your emergency plans

  • Mass communication platform improves safety by reaching staff, students, and first responders wherever they are during an emergency situation

  • Customizable to meet various school sizes and structures

  • Easy implementation with automated uploading of student and staff information

  • Administrative support portals which allow easy access to schoolwide data



Our Impact


ShieldCampus is the holistic approach to crisis management, attendance, and behavior management.

ShieldCampus introduces new features available nowhere else by enabling school administrators and faculty to efficiently and electronically manage students, track and report on attendance and behavior, rapidly account for students in a crisis situation, and help keep them learning in a safe environment. ShieldCampus empowers all users with uniquely designed dashboards and workflows. Users include multi-school and single-school administrators, faculty, parents, students, bus drivers, and emergency responders.


"Having ShieldCampus at our school is vital in effectively communicating and implementing crisis procedures among our 70 acre campus that consists of a lower, middle, and high school. ShieldCampus gives our staff and students the ability to quickly identify and communicate emergency situations.”


- Jeff Pickren
Dean of Students


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